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Protecting Brain Power – Intellectual Property

A company’s intellectual property in the information age can be far more valuable than any tangible assets. Legal protection is essential.

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer advises and assists clients ranging from start-ups to long established companies covering all facets of intellectual property rights. BHBM has extensive experience and knowledge to successfully and efficiently complete intellectual property transactions in today’s ever-changing complex global economy. BHBM negotiates and prepares IP license agreements, such as trademark license agreements, as well as technology development agreements. BHBM obtains trademarks for clients through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and facilitates the registration of copyrights through the U.S. Copyright Office. BHBM consults with businesses to develop trade secret policies and non-competition agreements for various employment situations. In addition, BHBM represents companies looking to assert or defend against intellectual-property infringement actions, through litigation as well as through alternative dispute resolution proceedings. BHBM is also the New Orleans member of Meritas, a global alliance of over 7,000 lawyers serving 170+ full-service law firms across more than 70 countries, enabling BHBM to facilitate legal services and IP protection for clients through pre-qualified legal expertise worldwide.

Trademark Applications and Branding

BHBM works closely with clients to protect and enhance their key brands, logos and corporate image through strategic creation, planning and management of trademark portfolios. BHBM’s intellectual property attorneys regularly advise clients on all aspects of trademarks and service marks. We work to protect and increase the visibility and value of clients’ names, symbols and images through federal trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as well as through copyright and domain name registration. BHBM often performs trademark clearance searches to determine whether anyone is already claiming trademark rights in wording or design that is similar and used on related goods or services through a federal registration. We help companies and individuals obtain initial trademark registrations, and we also facilitate the timely filing of trademark Renewal Applications, Declarations of Incontestability, and Affidavits of Use, as required by the USPTO in order to maintain trademark registrations. Protecting trademark rights can often be a key element to achieving a client’s business goals because trademarks and service marks help identify and distinguish the client’s goods or services from those of competitors.

Copyright Protection

BHBM helps protect the creative works of clients through copyright registrations obtained through the U.S. Copyright Office. BHBM is well versed in the protection of all types of creative works, ranging from written works of authorship – such as literary works and computer programs afforded copyright registration under the Copyright Act – to the copyright registration of the design of a vessel hull under the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act. BHBM provides counsel and services in the preparation and negotiation of licensing agreements, as well as in representation of clients in the event of copyright licensing disputes. BHBM’s intellectual property attorneys represent clients in copyright infringement cases in federal courts.

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